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6 Powerful Tools for Managing Listings: Boost Your Visibility & Generate Quality Leads

In the olden days, people would have to search a massive phone book to locate a pet groomer, dentist, or roofer.

In the modern era, the internet revolutionized how business listings are handled. It transformed the listings from the Yellow Pages to a digital platform, taking them to a whole new efficiency level. Nowadays, a single roofer can be found listed on numerous directories, search engine results, map app screens, and even on platforms like PPC Beast.

These listings have become a game-changer for local businesses, bringing potential customers ready to purchase right to their doorstep.

However, if there is incorrect or missing information on a directory or map search, it becomes a major disadvantage. People searching for a service or product simply move on to a competitor’s listing.

This is where local listings management tools come into play in the world of digital marketing. Designed with various features, these tools enable you to monitor and update your company’s information on the platforms where people search. Additionally, they provide valuable data about how people discover and engage with your listings. Some tools even allow you to track and respond to reviews, ensuring your ratings soar. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, consider partnering with a PPC agency specializing in local listing management. They can help you optimize your online presence and maximize visibility across different platforms.



 6 Recommended Listings Management Tools

When it comes to listing management tools, not all of them are created equal. For example, specific tools are integrated within the business listing site itself, such as Google’s tools. These tools help you manage how people discover your business on their search engines. On the other hand, other tools, like those provided by a PPC (pay-per-click) agency, allow you to oversee and control multiple listings across various locations simultaneously.


1. What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is an exceptional tool developed by Google to give you complete control over your business listings on Google Search and Google Maps. Utilizing GBP enables you to optimize your search rankings for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable by potential customers. In addition to its other benefits, Google Business Profile (GBP) offers a powerful way to connect and engage with customers who are genuinely interested in your business. As a Google Ads specialist, I can help you optimize your GBP for maximum effectiveness.

Google listing Optimization

A comprehensive Google Business Profile increases your chances of appearing in prominent positions on search and map results pages. By utilizing GBP, you can optimize your profile to make it more appealing to search engines.

For instance, you can include a business description and category that gives customers and search engines a better understanding of your company. Additionally, GBP allows you to enhance text-only profiles by adding engaging photos.

Managing Messages with Google Business Profile

One of the great things about GBP (Google Business Profile) is that you only need to update your profile once. Once the changes are made, they will be reflected on Google Maps, search results, and even in the highly coveted local 3-pack.

Your Google Business Profile offers various ways to engage with your customers one-to-one. Let’s explore a couple of options:

You can read and respond to reviews using GBP. Since reviews and ratings are prominently presented in search results, keeping up with them is crucial. Responding to reviews allows you to address concerns, show appreciation, and maintain a positive online reputation.

Another option is to add direct messaging to your GBP profile. This feature enables you to answer more detailed follow-up questions about your PPC agency from potential customers interested in online marketing. You can increase customer satisfaction and gain more customers by providing detailed information and prompt responses.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

In addition to the previous features mentioned, you can add an FAQ section to your GBP profile. This allows you to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

By including an FAQ section, you assist the individuals asking the questions and provide valuable information to anyone who visits your profile.


2. Yelp: The Power of Business Listings

Yelp, one of the leading online directories, boasts an impressive statistic of attracting 80 million monthly users. When combined with the power of Google Ads Manager and PPC Beast, you have the potential to reach an even larger audience. With such a vast reach, it is no wonder that four out of five Yelp users purchase just minutes after visiting a business’s profile. If you want to leverage this immense potential, Yelp’s listing tools, in combination with Google Ads Manager and PPC Beast, provide unique strategies to drive more customers to your doorstep.

Review Management: Taking Control of Your Yelp Reputation

While Yelp is widely known as a directory, it primarily functions as a review website. This means that users have the power to leave reviews, become elite reviewers, and even evaluate the reviews themselves. To cater to this dynamic environment, Yelp offers review management tools crucial for businesses, including pay-per-click.

By claiming your Yelp listing, you can directly respond to any review your business receives. This convenient feature is accessible through the Yelp dashboard, empowering you to take control of your reputation on the platform.

Yelp enables users to initiate private conversations through direct messaging to receive requests for quotes, phone calls, or consultations from customers outside of public view.

Yelp: Business updates

To keep listings fresh and appealing, Yelp offers a listing management tool that allows businesses to add updates to their profile. These updates serve to excite people about the offerings of the business.

The Yelp Connect feature allows you to include small image icons resembling Instagram Story Highlights. Users can simply hover over these icons to discover your shared enjoyable details.


3. Bing Places

Bing Places is Microsoft’s alternative to the Google Business Profile. Although it may not have all the features of GBP, it offers several tools for managing your listings and increasing your visibility to a broader audience.

Listing information management

Use PPC Beast’s listings management tool to manage your listing information easily. If you choose not to use this tool, check Bing regularly to confirm your information is correct.

To get started, you’ll have to claim your listing on Bing, similar to what you would do on Google. Once you’ve claimed your listing, add all the necessary details, such as your business hours.

A valuable feature of Bing is that you can import all the data from your Google Business profile, which makes the whole process more efficient.

Using Bing’s listings management and ensuring your information is regularly updated, your business is eligible for Bing Search and Maps placement.

¬†There’s an added benefit: by leveraging Bing, you have the potential to appear as a result of future voice searches. This is because Bing powers both Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.


4. Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages work similarly to local business directories. This means that when people search for something on search engines, there’s a chance that these pages could show up in the results. The good news is that Facebook provides tools to assist you in managing your page effectively, just as you would with a local listing. Additionally, you can even partner with a PPC agency to help increase the visibility of your page on search engines through pay-per-click advertising campaigns!

Regarding local search results, having the right location is crucial. For your Facebook page to appear in searches that use “…near me”, it must be associated with a specific geographic location. The good news is that Facebook’s Business Page tools offer several ways to accomplish this. One of the most straightforward methods is simply adding your address to your page.

On Facebook, you can tag your posts and images with a specific location, whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device. Additionally, you can modify the category of your business to one that is relevant locally, such as a plumber or hairstylist. By doing so and utilizing the services of a company like PPC Beast, your business will be more likely to appear when people filter their searches for places rather than individuals or posts.


5. The Real Yellow Pages

Despite digital advancements in local business search, The Real Yellow Pages still exist and boast an impressive number of searches, with 4 billion per year through its website and app. Moreover, businesses, including PPC agencies, are provided with great tools to help them manage their listings on this original directory.

Three Directories Form a Multi-Directory Listing

Three directories comprise the YellowPages network: The Real Yellow Pages, Superpages, and DexKnows. Together, these directories form a multi-directory listing.

This implies that any efforts you invest in creating your business’s listing will automatically apply to all three locations, resulting in a broader reach. Regarding the listings, YP offers various options for customizing your citations.

You have the option to enhance your business profile in various ways. This includes:

  • Incorporating branding elements
  • Adding appealing images
  • Embedding action links
  • Showcasing special offers
  • Including all the essential business information

Moreover, you can also provide a comprehensive business description and display customer reviews, as there’s ample space available for these purposes.


6. Foursquare: More Than Just a Social Media App

Foursquare is not just a social media app anymore. It has transformed into a location data provider that powers some of the biggest geographic-dependent apps globally, such as Uber and Nextdoor. Claiming your business listing on Foursquare will allow your business to show up on apps that hold significance in the industry. No longer just a means to tell your friends where to find you for a cup of boba tea, Foursquare can elevate your business’s online presence.

Socially networked listings

The listings on Foursquare still exhibit a network effect despite its non-operational social media platform. The app’s feature that primarily contributes to this effect is the “tips” feature.

The concept behind the tips feature allows customers to share personalized recommendations, helping newcomers have a fulfilling experience during their visit.

With Foursquare’s tips feature, people are encouraged to add their preferred places to the platform, which means your local business might already have a presence there. All you need to do is claim the listing and provide the necessary information. This process is made easy with Foursquare’s listing management tool, which can be especially helpful if you work with a PPC agency to manage your online presence.

Foursquare Offers Personalized Analytics

 similar to other tools on this list that allow you to track the data gathered from each citation visit. However, unlike other platforms, Foursquare has a wealth of data about its users through their check-ins, reviews, and tips. This means you can determine how many individuals viewed and clicked on your Foursquare listing and track how frequently and recently some of them physically visited your establishment.



The Importance of Local Listings Management Tools

Utilizing tools like PPC Beast, which can handle multiple listings simultaneously, or address each directory individually, listing management tools simplify the process of monitoring and maintaining your visibility across directories. Here are additional reasons why these tools are crucial:


Enhancing Online Presence

 A presence in online directories grants you access to a broader customer base, improves your SEO, and increases opportunities for collecting reviews. This is significant, considering that 72% of consumers indicate positive reviews instill trust in a business.

In today’s digital landscape, online directories are widely used by millions of people to discover local businesses. By ensuring that your business is listed across multiple directories, you increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Furthermore, search engines favor businesses with more fully optimized citations and positive reviews on reputable directories. This can greatly benefit your online visibility and search engine rankings.

To assist you in achieving this, local listing management tools are invaluable. They enable you to secure citations on many directory websites and map apps.


Maintaining Correct Listing Information

Your business is probably listed on various directories, regardless of whether you added it there. This implies that the displayed information about your business might be incorrect, outdated, or unappealing. 

Such inaccurate information can lead to customer frustration and give search engines a negative impression of your business, which is invalid. Studies show that 63% of consumers said they would refrain from using a business if they received incorrect information.

By utilizing listing management tools, you can verify the accuracy of your data and add captivating elements to your listings, all to draw in more customers.


Comprehend the Patterns or Developments

By utilizing listing management tools, you can verify the accuracy of your data and add captivating elements to your listings, all to draw in more customers.



Achieve Citations, Visibility, and Evaluations Through the Utilization of Listing Management Tools

The numerous online directories, such as PPC Beast, have facilitated countless individuals in discovering and engaging with businesses similar to yours. With the help of PPC Beast, the obstacle you face is determining how to effectively maintain your presence across all platforms where your business can be located.

To initiate the process, contemplate employing the following local listings management tools:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Yelp: The Power of Business Listings
  • Bing Places
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • The Real Yellow Pages
  • Foursquare: More Than Just a Social Media App



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