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About Pay Per Click Beast

We’re here to help you put your online marketing efforts in BEAST MODE! 

Drive paid traffic to your website and receive a wealth of sales and marketing data.

PPC Beast is your best choice for

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Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.

Pay Per Click Beast

How We Make a Difference

Choose PPC Beast to handle your PPC marketing efforts and set yourself up for success. Work with PPC Beast for some of the best services available.

Tailored to Your Needs

You have goals unique to your business and are targeting a specific audience. We’ll get to know everything about them to provide you with PPC solutions that align with your overall marketing objectives.

Dedicated Specialists

There’s no need to handle communications with multiple people for your campaign. You’ll have a PPC specialist as the single point of contact that will address all your needs. They’ll answer your questions, simplify the process for you, and handle your requests.

Advanced Tools

Get more for what you pay for. Choose PPC Beast to get a team equipped with the expertise and tools to conduct comprehensive market research and gather valuable insights. You’ll get data-driven strategies to maximize your pay-per-click investments.

How PPC Works

There are several types of PPC marketing platforms, including search engines like Google and Bing, social media sites like Facebook, and video streaming sites like Youtube. Regardless of which platform you use, the process for releasing an ad is mostly the same:

Sign up for an account with an ad platform.

Create an ad and target a specific keyword.

Set the maximum cost per click you are willing to pay. This is your bid.

Your ad goes into an auction where it will compete with ads from other advertisers bidding for the same keywords.

The platform ranks your ad based on your bid and its assessment of your ad’s quality.

The platform determines whether your ad will be shown and in what order when someone searches for your keyword.

You pay the cost per click whenever someone clicks on your ad.

You don’t necessarily pay your maximum bid every time. Generally, the higher your ad’s quality, the lower the price. You may even have to pay less than a lower-ranked ad.

It’s worth hiring a PPC agency like PPC Beast to create your ads and manage your campaign, as we have the experience and tools to maximize your budget. You’ll get better clickthrough rates, more conversions, and quicker results by working with us.

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Types of PPC Ads We Offer

With the help of PPC Beast, you can create ads for your business on various platforms. You’ll reach your target audience regardless of which one they use most, whether you’re marketing an e-commerce shop or a franchise.

Google Search Ads 360

Google is the most popular ad platform. With it, your products and services will show up whenever users use your target keyword in search queries. You’ll reach a wide audience and gain access to comprehensive targeting functionalities.

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Microsoft Bing Ads

Google has more users, but you shouldn’t ignore Bing. Clicks on Bing are cheaper, and it’s better if you’re trying to reach an older, more educated audience. Either way, you should use both as they have separate user bases you can tap into.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok is rising in popularity, providing businesses with ample opportunities to advertise their products and services. Many believe that only Gen Z individuals use it, but other demographics, including millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers use it as well.

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Instagram Ads

Marketing on Instagram is perfect for businesses that attract customers through visual appeal. These include clothing stores, cafes that sell beautiful desserts, and graphic designers that want to showcase their portfolios.

Users can shop on Instagram, and you can boost any post to turn it into an ad. If one of your offerings is popular, boost it to increase sales.

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Facebook Ads

You can utilize ads as part of your Facebook marketing efforts when you want to reach an audience beyond your current followers. It will help speed up your growth, especially if data show your page has a high conversion rate.

Facebook and other social media platforms are excellent options for those that aim to reach audiences on mobile devices, as significant portions of their user base check for updates through their phones.

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YouTube Video Ads

Video ads have high engagement, are shareable, and have high click-through rates. Among the available platforms are Youtube, Vimeo, and the aforementioned social media platforms.

Managing so many ads and deciding what to invest in can be challenging. However, PPC Beast automates the process through programmatic advertising software. You get efficient, targeted, and scalable ad buying capabilities for your business.

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These are just a few situations where our PPC agency can help your business grow. Consult our team, and they’ll advise you on how much of your budget to use on PPC and how to best use it.

Which Businesses Should Use PPC?

High Margins

You’ll increase revenue quite a bit if you have high profit margins. For example, lawyers can make a lot off of a single case. Contractors will benefit significantly from PPC, too, as even small renovations can be quite expensive.

High Customer Lifetime Values

Industries that expect recurring purchases can use pay-per-click ads to get new customers. A few dollars spent on PPC can result in a medical patient, student, or utility subscriber. This is because consumers typically stick to the same doctor, college, or internet provider.

A Diverse Selection

Retailers can bid on long-tail keywords with low competition and costs per click. This allows you to profit even on inexpensive purchases, and you can do this for any number of products.

Difficult-to-Find Products

Perhaps you’re selling items that consumers don’t usually find in supermarkets, department stores, or grocery stores. If so, you’re the ideal candidate for our PPC services.

Consumers go online to find rare products. And since there’s little competition, the cost per click is low, and the click-through rate is high.

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