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Learn More About Your Potential Customers with Call Tracking Solutions

Knowing what makes your phones ring and how callers find your business through a call tracking website will help boost your marketing efforts.

Create a Solid Marketing Strategy with Call Tracking

Businesses receive hundreds, if not thousands, of calls daily. Some think these calls are a good sign; after all, it means that people are interested in the business. However, some might think that these calls are troublesome.

There’s value in getting and tracking inbound calls. Doing so gives you access to a wealth of information you can use to measure and enhance your advertising campaigns. At PPC Beast, we provide call tracking for marketing purposes, helping businesses improve their customer service.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking involves collecting information about all phone calls made to a contact center or sales team. This data can help you understand exactly what your customers are saying and how they feel about your products and services.

Call tracking software is an excellent tool for business owners who want to improve their company’s efficiency and productivity. By using call tracking solutions, organizations can gain valuable insight into their customer relationships. 

Call tracking software can be used for many purposes, including:

Scheduling appointments with potential customers or clients

Tracking leads generated from marketing campaigns

Tracking customer service calls to ensure that all questions are answered promptly

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Why Does My Business Need Call Tracking?

Companies often receive hundreds of calls a day. If you don’t track your phone calls, you miss out on valuable caller information that you can use for customer satisfaction and marketing purposes. 

Phone calls have higher conversion rates than other forms of engagement. To increase sales, you need to know what customers want, how they found your business, and how they feel about your product or service.

With the right software, you can monitor both inbound and outbound calls to see exactly how many calls you’re receiving and where they’re coming from. 

Call tracking for marketing lets you know more about your potential customers and how they interact with your company. It also helps you identify which ads, keywords, content, and web pages drive phone calls to your business. 

Equipped with this information, you can make smarter advertising decisions and drive more revenue in the long run. Not using call tracking to your advantage is a missed opportunity that your competitors might have already benefited from. 

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How It Works

Advanced call tracking software uses cookies and dynamic number insertion to track calls and online activity. Each online and offline campaign has its own tracking number. Call tracking software allows you to capture all types of information related to phone calls made by your customers, such as:

Call Tracking Software Obtains

Call Tracking Software Obtains

The number of unique numbers called 

The length of the call (in minutes)

The date and time of the call

The name of the person making the call

Certain keywords relevant to your business

Call Tracking Software Determines

Call Tracking Software Determines

How long you have been open for business and when your customers are most likely to call you.

Areas of weakness in your operations.

Trends in customer behavior so you can make improvements in your service offerings.

Which parts of your business generate revenue and which parts are not.

Data for benchmarking purposes—comparing how much time it takes other companies to answer calls from their customers.

We offer custom PPC services that can be tailored according to your requirements and goals.

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We offer custom PPC services that can be tailored according to your requirements and goals.

Debunking Call Tracking Myths

There are a few potential objections to call tracking. Some worry about privacy, while others worry about legal repercussions for their business.


Some customers worry that someone unauthorized will hear what they're saying and use it for purposes other than what the business promised. But here's the thing: call tracking isn't the same as wiretapping or listening in on conversations without permission. It doesn't record, store, or share anything with unauthorized parties.


There is a misconception that call tracking is expensive and unnecessary. That is simply untrue. Tracking calls and why those calls are happening are essential marketing tools that will help you stay ahead of the competition.​


Call tracking is often perceived as too complicated to implement, especially for small businesses. That’s where PPC Beast comes in. We provide comprehensive call tracking services, so you don’t have to worry about creating and running your own system.

Don’t Underestimate the Marketing Power of Phone Calls

Many businesses are discovering the advantages of call tracking. It allows you to see where people are coming from, what they say, and what they think about your brand. Call tracking also helps you understand how your sales cycle works and how long it takes to close deals. This information can be used to optimize your marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates.

More specifically, call tracking for marketing answers the following questions:

What are the most effective ways of reaching out to prospects?

Are they interested in what I'm offering?

How can I improve my sales process to be more effective and efficient?

How should I improve customer service to increase client satisfaction and retention?

What can I do to get more repeat business from my existing clients?

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Start Tracking Your Calls Now

If you’re not currently using call tracking in your digital marketing strategy, now is the time to start. We can start setting up a system to help you track your phone leads and see how they contribute to your bottom line. Contact us today to know more.

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