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Expand Your Business with Comprehensive Franchise Marketing

Generate great interest from willing franchisees for your business through effective franchise marketing solutions. At PPC Beast, we offer high-quality marketing for companies that want to expand their reach by opening franchising rights to interested buyers.

Expand Your Reach through Well-Marketed Franchises

One of the best ways to introduce more people to your business is through franchising. Allowing franchisees to replicate the success of your business model will let you enter new markets without having to do most of the heavy lifting yourself.

The question now lies in making interested parties aware that you're open to sharing your brand, products, services, and workflow. The challenge is informing them that you're ready to bring your brand to their local markets.

Our digital marketing services for companies interested in franchise operations will help quickly turn your local business into a regional—and potentially national—brand that customers will come to know and love.

How Franchise Marketing Works​

Franchise marketing may sound complicated, but its main objective is to inform franchisees that your brand offers the best opportunities for success. Through active marketing actions in the digital and offline spaces, you will be able to connect with interested parties willing to become part of your growing brand.​

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Types of Franchise Marketing

Franchise-related marketing efforts can be categorized into two distinct types. While both sub-branches use mostly the same techniques, their objectives address different aspects of your franchise operations.

Operational Franchise Marketing

Operational Franchise Marketing

This focuses on efforts that drive potential customers to your business and turn them into loyal ambassadors for your brand. Your marketing efforts under this umbrella are mainly B2C in nature. The most common digital marketing techniques for this franchise marketing branch include local SEO, social media marketing, and PPC advertising.

Franchise Development Marketing

Franchise Development Marketing

This branch is focused on bringing on board interested parties that want to get the rights to franchise your business. The marketing techniques for this branch are similar to operational franchise marketing. What differentiates the two is the focus of franchise development on franchisee acquisition.

Channels: Our Franchise Marketing Targets

Our franchise digital marketing services focus on establishing an online presence that will attract suitable franchisees for your business. PPC Beast uses the following channels to reach interested parties that understand your brand’s potential for growth.


Your website plays a critical role in audience engagement. It displays essential information, such as your location, operation hours, and ways customers and partners can contact you.

In today's digital world, consumers and potential franchisees turn to the internet to find products, services, and profitable business opportunities. That's why you need a well-designed and responsive website to draw your target audience to your brand.

Our website design and development services can help showcase your offerings and the benefits of picking up your brand's franchising rights.

We'll incorporate more educational content on how your business can align with their personal business goals. This content will be strategically placed throughout your site and steer potential customers and franchisees toward your business.

Social Media

We’ll harness the power of social media to create positive buzz around your brand as a prime franchising opportunity. 

Facebook and LinkedIn offer the best opportunities for finding targets for franchise marketing, and our team has the experience and know-how in generating interest in these platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team will review your SEO setup and create adjustments geared towards franchise marketing. Our continuously growing expertise in navigating Google's complicated algorithms will help your business appear in relevant organic search results.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Complementing your organic SEO efforts with paid advertising ensures you reach as many customers and potential franchisees as possible. We'll target the most relevant keywords in Google Ads to maximize your lead generation efforts.

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How We Help Brands Market Their Franchises

You know that your offerings and business models are successful enough to generate tremendous interest from customers and interested franchisees. However, you may be on the fence about getting professional digital marketing services when you already have a successful business.

What we tell our clients is that marketing for franchisees is a completely different beast from reaching out to potential customers. By laying out our process, we can dispel any doubts you may have about acquiring our service.


Step 1

Identifying Your Ideal Customers and Franchisees

A successful marketing campaign determines which kinds of customers and investors will best suit your franchise packages. We’ll help establish your ideal clientele by creating buyer personas and implementing any essential legwork to identify the market you should target.


Step 2

Choosing Appropriate Marketing Platforms

Your franchise marketing efforts will depend on your goals, target audience, and overall budget. Some marketing channels we dabble in may not be the best fit for your brand. We'll recommend the proper channels that will deliver the best results.


Step 3

Establishing a Set of Franchisor Brand Guidelines

A clear set of brand guidelines will ensure every franchise you award maintains an identity that aligns with your brand. We can help you create and polish these guidelines so that the franchising process will be easy for both you and the franchisee.


Step 4

Offering High-Quality Content

We generate quality content that will engage leads and drive them to take desirable actions. Every piece of content we'll create for your campaigns will be in line with your brand's established tone and offer compelling points to your target market.


Step 5

Tracking the Performance of your Campaigns

Tracking campaign performance gives us valuable insights into your audience. It will provide us with critical information, such as how many people clicked on a particular ad and how many visitors were gained from this ad. If campaigns aren't being accurately monitored, there is no way to know if your marketing efforts are successful or if they are just wasting money.

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With PPC Beast’s digital marketing expertise, you can grow your customer base and discover more profitable opportunities.

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