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Improve Conversions with a Trusted Landing Page Designer

Your website’s landing pages are critical in your digital marketing efforts as they help convert an interested lead into a paying customer. Make sure these pages meet industry standards through PPC Beast’s effective landing page design service.

Create Landing Pages That Support Your Business Goals

High-quality landing pages are key to pushing your audience towards your desired outcome. Since these pages can steer leads further down your inbound strategy, ensuring the effectiveness of their design should be one of your top priorities.

Startup Bonsai paints an interesting picture about landing page effectiveness: the average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%, but more than 30% of these pages only get a measly 1-10% of their leads to take the desired action. How do you ensure that your pages can effectively convert your promising leads?

Get responsive and modern landing pages for your website with the help of our web design team at PPC Beast. We provide top-tier design solutions that will impress new visitors and turn leads into customers.

By working with a trusted marketing agency, you’ll be able to hit your conversion and income targets much easier.

The Components of an Effective Landing Page

The right landing page will have certain components that will encourage visitors to take action. Without any of the following elements, it can be difficult for your landing pages to leave a good impression and generate conversions.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the one thing that sets your business apart from the competition. It demonstrates how your product or service can directly benefit customers.

Your landing page must convey your USP. It should be visible on your main headline, supporting headline, reinforcing statement, and closing statement.

The Hero Image

The Hero Image

The first image the user sees on the landing page is known as the hero image. It gives visitors their first glimpse of your brand and offerings.

It's crucial to choose an image that will encapsulate the purpose of your landing page as well as your brand messaging.



The benefits section of a landing page explains what your customers can expect from your product or service. It lists the features that make your offering stand out from the competition.

Social Proof

Social Proof

Buyers are more likely to commit to a product or service if they see other people share positive feedback. Through client reviews, case studies, and video testimonials, visitors may turn into paying customers.

What makes social proof an effective tool for your landing page’s conversion rates is its genuine nature. People can quickly tell if you’re fabricating these reviews, so make sure that any proofs you post on your landing pages come from real customers you’ve worked with.

Call to Action

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) typically appears in the form of a clickable button. It's a critical part of your landing page as it simplifies the action needed to convert.

Buttons like "Contact Us" or "Sign Up" are simple but powerful tools because they're short, easy to digest, and straightforward. Once clicked, they direct leads through the marketing funnel.

When designing your landing page, consider how you can highlight the CTA button. They don't have to be fancy. The simpler and more visible they are, the better.

Your CTA doesn’t always have to be a button. It could even be an image or an anchor text. No matter what form you choose, it's essential to place your CTA in an area that's easy for visitors to see and click.

When positioning your CTA button(s), think of how visitors will interact with your landing page. Assume that most visitors will continue down the page, so it's best to place a CTA at the top (near your banner image) and the bottom of your landing page.

Benefits of Professional Landing Page Design​

Working with PPC Beast to optimize your landing pages will greatly improve your site’s overall digital marketing performance. Here are some perks that you’ll get by working with us:

Build Your Credibility

Build Your Credibility

Your landing pages convey a direct solution to your target market’s specific pain points. As such, the look and functionality of your landing page directly reflect your credibility as the product or service provider.

Improve Brand Awareness

Improve Brand Awareness

Effective landing pages can drive home your company’s offering while maintaining your brand’s overall look and feel. It can help improve brand recognition and visitor retention.

Once your brand continuously appears through searches and more people discover and choose your products over competitors, you build and steadily increase brand awareness. As a result of this ecommerce marketing strategy, customers will keep coming back.

Generate Data & Insights

Generate Data & Insights

One of the most underrated benefits of effective landing pages is the amount of data you can get from users. You can determine how much time users spend on your pages and even which types of content drive the most engagement.

Tracking landing page metrics will help you evaluate whether you're hitting your target conversions. Otherwise, there is no way we can check whether your landing page is successful.

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Why Choose Professional Landing Page Designs

There are plenty of services online that offer quick web design services for your landing pages. Some even let you design and develop pages on your own. But why is it still better to trust professionals when it comes to landing page creation?

A common error newbie designers make is incorporating too many choices. Adding more than one course of action usually drives users away from your page, and professionals make sure to avoid that problem when working on your site.

Another fatal flaw that drives users away is non-responsive design. Our professional design team will ensure that your website will be easy to navigate regardless of the device you use to access it.

Finally, landing pages that don’t keep their promises from upstream sources will only hurt your conversion rates. We’ll make sure that your landing pages will be able to meet the needs and answer the questions of your target leads.

Build outstanding landing pages with PPC Beast

Landing pages determine whether you close a sale or lose a high-potential lead, so make sure that the right people handle your landing page design needs.

PPC Beast will polish your landing pages into high-value assets that maximize conversions. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your pages’ layout and copy are optimized.

Get premier landing pages from a team of web design specialists. Contact our team today to see how our services can radically transform your marketing efforts.

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