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Maximizing Your Local PPC Account: Expert Tips

Before discussing the components and significance of a local PPC account, let’s begin by understanding what exactly constitutes a local PPC account. In simple terms, it is an advertising strategy in digital marketing that targets customers within a specific region. Localized PPC campaigns involve utilizing local keywords and geotargeting.

One of the popular agency for creating such campaigns is PPC Beast. While it may seem like such campaigns are only relevant to brick-and-mortar businesses such as neighborhood pizza shops, dentist’s offices, or boutique retailers, this is only sometimes true. Even if you have locations worldwide, you can still adopt a localized approach in digital marketing to serve and sell to potential customers virtually. Working with a PPC agency can help you manage and optimize your localized PPC campaigns.



The Value of Running Localized PPC Campaigns

As a PPC agency, our primary responsibility is to optimize our campaigns. The term ‘optimize’ encompasses various tactics aimed at improving the performance of our advertising efforts. Typically, our optimization focus includes the following


1. Keyword Research and Selection

  • It is essential to perform an extensive keyword analysis to find appropriate and effective keywords for your content. 
  • Utilize keyword selection tools to assess your keywords’ competitiveness and level of search volume. 
  • Further refine your list of keywords by prioritizing relevance, competition level, and search volume.


2. Ad Copy Testing

  • Experiment with different ad copies to determine the most effective messaging.
  • Test variations in headlines, descriptions, and display URLs.
  • Analyze the performance metrics of different ad copies to identify the highest-performing ones.


3. Bid Management

  • Monitor and adjust your bids to maximize the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Consider bid adjustments based on device, location, time, and audience segments.
  • To optimize your campaign’s performance, utilize bidding strategies such as manual bidding, target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or enhanced cost-per-click (CPC).


4. Additional Features for Advertisement

  • To improve the visibility and relevance of your ads, use ad extensions like site links, call extensions, and structured snippets.
  • Explore various combinations and variations of ad extensions to determine which ones work best for your advertising campaigns.
  • Keep a close watch on the performance metrics of each ad extension to identify the ones that positively impact ad engagement and click-through rates.


5. Landing Page Optimization

  • Align your landing pages with your ad copy and keywords.
  • Make sure your landing page offers a smooth user experience and fulfills the promises made in your ads.
  • One efficient way to determine which page components have the most impact is by conducting A/B testing on various aspects such as headlines, call-to-action buttons, and forms.

In national pay-per-click campaigns, identifying areas of wasted spend, such as inefficient geographic targets, can take time and effort. However, local campaigns offer a distinct advantage with laser-focused targeting for online marketing, making it easier to spot and avoid inefficiencies. Optimizing your campaign toward what works becomes crucial if your budget is limited and you can save money on irrelevant clicks.”



Tips for Optimizing Local PPC

To optimize your local PPC campaigns, focusing on improving performance based on geographic areas is essential. By analyzing the data, you can uncover potential opportunities in specific locations. One useful tool in Google Ads is location reporting, which provides insights into targeted and matched locations.

Reviewing location reports can help you identify promising zip codes or designated market areas (DMAs) that drive results. You can increase bids with a positive modifier to maximize traffic in these areas. This will increase the likelihood of your ads being shown to users in those locations.

On the other hand, if specific locations are not generating conversions and are wasting your budget, it’s best to exclude them from your campaign. You can better distribute your budget to focus on areas that bring about desired outcomes.

Google Ads also provides additional geographic reports, including the distance report. This report illustrates how proximity to a location affects the performance of your search ads. These reports can be especially helpful for a PPC Agency, as they can help you make knowledgeable decisions about your targeting and bidding strategies


Here are Some Key Reasons Why Optimizing for Location is Extremely Important in PPC

Various sources, such as Valve and Meter via Google, have provided data that implies around 30% of searches for products or services within a specific location lead to a purchase. This data highlights the importance of local searches in influencing consumer behavior.

In 2020, a staggering 93% of Americans searched the internet for local businesses, as reported by BrightLocal. This highlights the importance of businesses having a solid online presence to attract local customers.

According to The SEM Post, approximately 33% of mobile phone searches are centered around a specific geographical location. This data suggests that mobile search users frequently seek local businesses, products, or services.

However, it’s crucial to note that running successful local campaigns, like PPC Beast, involves more than just setting a location. The performance of these campaigns heavily relies on understanding the users’ intent through localized keywords. These keywords go beyond using phrases like “local,” “nearby,” or “near me.” They include zip codes, town names, and other local intent indicators. Using a tool like Google Ads Manager can also help to optimize your local campaigns and ensure they are running at their highest potential.

Did you know 

  •  82% of smartphone users are actively looking for businesses near them 
  •  76% of those people will visit a business within a day of searching. 
  • Also, almost 70% of mobile searchers call a business from a search link.

It’s essential to remember that even though these statistics are vital for mobile, local searches aren’t limited to mobile devices. Factors like the type of customer behavior, industry, business offering, and services offered will determine whether the business is in high demand for mobile searches. Before adjusting mobile bids, it’s essential to ask whether customers tend to look for the services only during travel time or do they like to research ahead of time. Additionally, having a Google Ads Specialist and a PPC agency to analyze the data and optimize your ads can greatly improve your mobile search performance.


Here are Some Key Points to Consider:

Customer Behavior:  Understanding your target audience’s search habits and preferences is critical, particularly if you’re utilizing the services of a PPC agency. Are they more likely to search for local information from their desktops or mobile devices? This knowledge will help you prioritize your optimization efforts accordingly.

Industry Trends: Every industry is unique, and local search behavior varies. So, it’s important to stay updated on the latest industry trends and know whether your industry is more likely to receive local search queries from desktops or mobile devices.

Business Offering: The type of products or services you offer also plays a role in determining the search behavior of potential customers. For instance, mobile searches may be more relevant if you offer on-the-go services or products commonly needed while traveling.

Services Offered: Consider whether your business provides services typically searched for on-the-spot, such as emergency services or quick fixes. In such cases, mobile searches may be more prevalent.

Local Search Optimization:  When it comes to local searches, it’s essential to optimize your online presence regardless of whether they come from desktop or mobile devices. This involves optimizing your website, ensuring your business listings are accurate, and encouraging customers to leave reviews. Hiring a PPC (pay-per-click) agency specializing in local search optimization can help you implement a comprehensive approach and gain an edge in local search rankings.

According to statistics, desktop computers play a significant role in local information search. Most consumers, precisely 59%, prefer using desktop computers over relying solely on intelligent devices. This indicates that desktop usage remains relevant and should be considered in digital marketing strategies, including those implemented in Google Ads Manager.

It is also worth mentioning that partnering with a PPC Beast can significantly enhance your digital marketing efforts and help you effectively target desktop users in your campaigns.



Unlock Superior PPC Expertise in Your Area with PPC Beast

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