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Hire Top Talent with Recruitment Ads

PPC Beast helps you build talent pools and convert highly-qualified candidates into long-term hires for your company through sophisticated recruitment marketing services.

Make Candidates Choose You

According to LinkedIn, the greatest challenge 76% of hiring managers face in attracting the right job candidates. In addition, 63% said talent shortage is also a huge problem. In just 10 days, the best qualified candidates are off the job pool.

But talent acquisition doesn’t have to be difficult. Talent shortage doesn’t happen because there is an actual lack of qualified applicants; it’s just that the job pool is made up of 70% passive talent while only 30% are active job seekers.

To attract the best talents in the job pool, you need to answer the question every candidate has: What’s in it for them? You can do this with the help of a professional recruitment marketing agency.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of attracting qualified job applicants to your organization by marketing to them.

As mentioned earlier, top talents are off the job pool in matter of days because they have a choice of companies willing to hire them. If you don’t want to miss out on potential perfect employees, you have to show them the value of working in your organization compared to others.

Through recruitment marketing, you can put your organization and its open positions in front of top job candidates and drive them to apply.

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Headhunters vs. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing and the services of a headhunter lead to the same result: fill an empty position in your organization with the most promising talents.

A headhunter, also called an executive recruiter, finds potential employees who meet specific job requirements.

They scour top organizations for top talents, often reaching passive candidates who may not normally come across your job posting. As a result, they improve the efficiency and accuracy of your recruitment process.

However, a major downside of recruiting through a third part is missing the opportunity to build your company’s branding strategy and owning it. Headhunters also cannot ensure the cultural fit of the candidates they suggest.

These aren’t problems you will encounter when you find talents with the help of recruitment marketing. With this strategy, you’re not simply attracting potential employers to job positions—you’re attracting them to your company.

A great recruitment marketing strategy involves developing an array of brand content and marketing that content through different channels. As a result, you build awareness about your organization, capture qualified leads, and generate a pool of top talents who fit your brand.

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Why Your Organization Needs Recruitment Marketing

Businesses across the globe are seeing huge benefits from using recruitment marketing as a strategy to fill job positions with excellent employees. Some of the benefits include:

Fill Positions with Top Talents

Supercharge your recruitment efforts and turn top talents into high-performing employees with recruitment marketing services from PPC Beast.

With our digital recruitment marketing services, you will have your own pool of qualified candidates tailored and specifically picked to match not just the job description, but your brand as a whole. Over time, you will see a drastic decrease in the time spent and employees needed to acquire new talent. 

Convert more talent into employees today. Get in touch with PPC Beast.

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