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Unveiling The Influence Of ChatGPT On Marketing: Insights from 20 Industry Experts

In a blog post published in March 2023, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, referred to ChatGPT as a monumental technological breakthrough, surpassing any advancements made since creating the graphical user interface over four decades ago.

As per his prediction, significant transformations are on the horizon, ranging from work and education to travel, healthcare, and communication.

This rapid evolution is becoming as profound for marketers as ChatGPT, an AI-powered tool. This AI-powered assistant has been used for various purposes, such as PPC and SMS marketing, proving to be a valuable tool for marketers in this rapidly evolving landscape.

The implementation of ChatGPT raises questions regarding the future of marketing. Will it cause a revolution within the industry? Or are high expectations unrealistic, and will it be considered another effective but not exceptional tool like programmatic advertising?

To provide a better understanding of this issue amid all the hype, we queried more than 20 experts. They gave their insights into four significant areas of concern for marketers, predicting ChatGPT’s influence. Read on to find out more!

Anticipated Impact of ChatGPT on Marketing

The adoption of ChatGPT by marketers, including PPC agencies, is projected to bring about extensive transformations in the language, data, and methodologies they employ. The following highlights how experts believe ChatGPT will significantly influence the marketing field.


Boosting the Content Creation Process

One area where ChatGPT can have a significant impact is in accelerating the content pipeline for digital marketing marketers, enabling them to execute PPC campaigns more efficiently.

This includes generating blog content and crafting social media posts, although it is advisable to exercise caution when relying solely on ChatGPT for blog writing (more details on this later).

Hayley Mollett, marketing coordinator at IT services firm Better-IT, emphasized that the best aspect of ChatGPT is that it works as a marketing assistant rather than a replacement for human marketers.

However, Tasos Banioras, digital marketing manager at digital marketing agency Tab. warned marketers to apply critical thinking while evaluating AI-generated content and ideas.

He emphasized the importance of avoiding a scenario where every marketer has identical or similar ideas.

Instead, marketers should consider ChatGPT as a supplementary tool for content creation. By utilizing ChatGPT to gather ideas and inspiration, marketers can ensure that their content remains helpful, unique and maintains a human touch. You can also use check on PPC Beast to optimize your content and drive more traffic to your website. With a combination of these resources, you can create high-quality content that resonates with your audience and drives business growth.


Enhancing the Utility of Data and Analytics

Another valuable aspect of ChatGPT is its capacity to analyze data and generate insights, proving to be a valuable asset for marketing teams.

Kacper Rafalski, demand generation team leader at digital consultancy Netguru, highlighted its potential to identify trends, predict consumer behavior, and personalize marketing messages to a previously unattainable degree.

Carlos Barros, marketing director at POS vendor Epos Now, supported this notion by emphasizing that ChatGPT may provide additional insights about a brand’s products and services.

Additionally, according to Chris Morris, the founder of Shoo Social Media, and an expert in digital marketing, ChatGPT can examine customer data, including purchase history, browsing patterns, and demographic information. As a result, it can generate customized recommendations for online marketing.

In addition to these benefits, ChatGPT also serves as a valuable market research tool. According to Morris, it can analyze customer feedback and social media sentiment, allowing businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior and market trends.


Enhancing the Customer Experience

Another significant area where ChatGPT can make a difference is by enabling marketers, including Google Ads Managers, to develop customized chatbots, as pointed out by Marc Hardgrove, CEO of SEO platform The Hoth. This innovative feature of ChatGPT is set to transform how brands interact with their customers by automating responses to handling basic inquiries and requests.

As per Rahul Vij, CEO of digital marketing agency WebSpero Solutions, ChatGPT’s remarkable capacity to create responses resembling those of a human can help companies, specifically PPC agencies, communicate with their consumers in real-time and provide personalized suggestions, leading to a more streamlined customer experience

This can be instrumental in enhancing customer contentment and retention, culminating in a rise in sales, as suggested by Dmytro Sokhach, founder of business development firm Admix Global.


End Repetitive Tasks

Besides, ChatGPT can also simplify mundane duties in sales and marketing, like lead nurturing, generation, and social media management.

According to Alex Hollingsworth, SEO marketing associate at digital agency Oyova and a Google Ads specialist, this would enable marketers to concentrate on more strategic initiatives instead of these routine tasks.


The Impact of ChatGPT on Small Business Marketing

ChatGPT is poised to significantly impact small business marketing, as these brands often operate with limited resources.

Milosz Krasinski, managing director of web consulting firm Chilli Fruit, views ChatGPT as a valuable tool for small business owners to distinguish themselves in a crowded digital landscape.

Experts predict how ChatGPT will contribute to small business marketing success in several ways.


Leveraging Automation for Business Growth

ChatGPT allows small businesses to automate repetitive tasks, enabling them to allocate their time and resources toward marketing efforts such as pay-per-click, product development, and strategic planning

According to Banioras, utilizing ChatGPT can enhance operational efficiency and improve the customer experience, ultimately driving growth for SMBs.

Customer service is also encompassed within this realm, allowing brands to address inquiries and cultivate connections with their customers promptly.

Vij emphasizes that ChatGPT can specifically benefit small businesses by offering a top-notch customer experience at a reduced cost, enabling them to compete on par with larger competitors. By leveraging ChatGPT, small businesses, including PPC (pay per click) agencies, can streamline their customer service interactions, saving valuable time and resources that can be redirected to focus on other aspects of their operations.


Enhancing Customer Understanding Via Data Analysis

ChatGPT can analyze consumer data, providing small businesses with valuable insights into their customer base.

As Krasinski notes, understanding what type of content resonates with customers can result in more impactful marketing strategies. This is especially relevant when identifying target audiences, creating personalized marketing messages, and identifying new marketing opportunities.

However, It’s important to remember that ChatGPT’s data analysis is only effective until 2021. As a result, some key insights, recommendations, or ideas may be missed. Despite this, ChatGPT’s marketing pros and cons are worth considering to determine its viability as a critical marketing tool for a PPC agency. Learn more about ChatGPT’s potential and limitations in marketing here.



Expanding Content Marketing Possibilities with ChatGPT

In a nod to the printing press, Michelle Burson, President of digital marketing agency MarComm, anticipates thatChatGPT will greatly impact content marketing, much like the printing press impacted printing businesses. Rather than rendering printers obsolete, the printing press furnished them with advantages in speed, efficiency, and cost savings for PPC agencies.


Based on this analogy, experts expect ChatGPT to revolutionize content marketing in the following ways:

Ideation Catalyst:   ChatGPT is a boon for creativity by helping marketers overcome the challenge of generating ideas and pinpointing relevant keywords. It allows for a more comprehensive collection of data and the ability to explore new topics, ensuring no potential traffic or leads from content are missed.

Content Strategy Enhancer: By analyzing consumer data, ChatGPT optimizes content strategy, offering insights and recommendations that help marketers create more engaging and effective content.

Despite these benefits, it’s optimistic to remember that human creativity and expertise should complement the assistance provided by ChatGPT in ensuring that high-quality content is conceived and produced.

Moreover, ChatGPT possesses the capability to identify gaps in existing content, as highlighted by Rafalski.

Mollett emphasizes the time-saving aspect of ChatGPT by stating that sifting through extensive pages of information can be cumbersome. Instead, by simply inputting a subject, key points, and facts, ChatGPT swiftly retrieves the necessary information—a truly ingenious feature.

However, it is important to exercise caution and fact-check the information provided by ChatGPT, as it may not be the most up-to-date. ChatGPT, alongside other AI tools, should be employed as a launchpad to further research and enhance the content.


Accelerating Content Publication with ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers a swift and efficient means for marketers to generate content ideas for various platforms. From social media posts to short product descriptions and email newsletters, ChatGPT’s ability to instantly generate ideas makes it possible to publish more content at a quicker pace.

According to Aissa Djalo from the creative agency Tiny Giants, the consolidated responses and speed of ChatGPT provide a significant advantage in creating helpful content more efficiently.

Moreover, ChatGPT can swiftly generate customized content to meet the unique needs of various target audiences. Zaira CĂ©spedes, an SEO executive at GA Agency, elucidates that by supplying ChatGPT with details about a specific audience or customer segment, it can produce pertinent and captivating content for that particular group. This capability makes ChatGPT an invaluable tool for any PPC agency looking to provide tailored content to their clients.

Furthermore, incorporating ChatGPT into content creation enables brands to uphold a consistent publishing schedule, which in turn helps establish them as thought leaders, notes Morris.


Utilize Appropriate Prompts

The crucial factor lies in selecting the appropriate prompts for ChatGPT.

V. Michael Santoro, the founder of the branding agency Brand Velocity, suggests that ChatGPT users must adhere to a process akin to search engine optimization. Santoro emphasizes the need for ChatGPT to produce content in a specific voice and writing style aligned with a brand’s messaging. He cautions that simply requesting a topic such as “Write a social media post about ____________” without providing ChatGPT with direction on stylistic preferences can result in content that does not correspond with a brand’s desired image in the marketplace.


Take Note of the Following Challenges:

While it is beneficial to gather ideas from ChatGPT, it is crucial to avoid copying and pasting its responses verbatim. 

V. Michael Santoro warns that ChatGPT may provide the same information to other users, leading to potential plagiarism or copyright infringement issues.

Users should always verify the facts generated by ChatGPT by cross-checking them with reliable sources. Zaira CĂ©spedes emphasizes that, as ChatGPT is a machine learning model, human oversight and editing remain essential to ensure the generated content’s accuracy, appropriateness, and consistency with a brand’s voice and values.

Vladislav Podolyako, CEO of Folderly, cautions that there are no guarantees of ChatGPT-generated answers being free from factual errors. While asking about the best-tasting cake recipe may be harmless, the stakes become significantly higher if one of the recipes suggests using harmful substances like rat poison instead of sugar.

As a result, search engines are more likely to reward websites that provide trustworthy and verified information to users.


Supporting Human Writers

The question arises whether ChatGPT will eventually replace human writers.

According to insights from industry experts, such as Burson, it is clear that ChatGPT cannot replicate the human experience or human capabilities.

However, the consensus advises treating ChatGPT as a complementary tool rather than a substitute for human writers.

Jason Tan, the founder of LinkedIn assistant Engage AI, highlights the value of cleverly integrating ChatGPT into an overall marketing strategy. By striking a balance between leveraging technology and allowing human ingenuity to shine, marketers can differentiate their brands and reap the rewards.



The Impact of ChatGPT on Google Search

Anticipate significant transformations in how search engines rank content and how brands optimize their search engine results pages (SERPs) strategies.


The Potential Exists for Generative Content to Face Penalties

There is a growing concern that using generative content generated by AI may have detrimental effects on search engine rankings. Tatevik Baghdasaryan, a content marketer at AI firm SuperAnnotate, warns that Google can detect AI-generated content and subsequently penalize websites that employ it. Luke Glassford, marketing director at Gambit Partners, concurs with these sentiments, emphasizing that ChatGPT will lead to the widespread production of automated content. Glassford further suggests that the future of the internet will be influenced by Google’s ability to distinguish and reward genuine content while discouraging the use of AI-generated content. If Google fails to effectively address the influx of AI content in search engine results pages (SERPs), Glassford anticipates a continued decline in the quality of online content.


In today’s Digital Landscape, Prioritizing Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness has Become Essential

Rather than relying solely on AI-generated content, brands should dedicate their efforts to creating niche-specific content that demonstrates expert-level knowledge and establishes trust and authority with Google. Matt Santoro, an industry expert, emphasizes that Google values the concept of topical authority when ranking content. This means brands should focus on producing a substantial volume of high-quality content that covers their specific niche extensively, leading to the establishment of authority and credibility in their respective fields.

Employing ChatGPT as a tool for data analysis can be advantageous for brands looking to enhance their search engine rankings. This approach allows businesses to optimize their content effectively. Using ChatGPT, brands can generate meta descriptions and title tags, which are crucial elements for search engine optimization, as mentioned by Hollingsworth. Rajan Ad, CEO of Magical Media Studio, attests to the positive impact of integrating ChatGPT into their SEO strategy, resulting in a considerable 25% increase in rankings. 

Vij highlights another benefit of ChatGPT: it can provide natural and conversational responses that align with users’ search queries, contributing to optimization efforts. When combined with the expertise and authority of human writers, leveraging the responses from ChatGPT opens up opportunities for optimization and further enhancement of the content.


Ranking Factors are Reshuffled

Podolyako observed that Google considers the depth of topical coverage, content volume, entities, and interconnections important in determining search rankings.

Podolyako predicts that the low cost of producing content will eventually lead to an inflation of certain ranking factors. This is mainly because these factors are relatively easy to manipulate. To address this issue, Podolyako suggests that Google will likely move towards authority as a more significant ranking factor. This suggests that the quality and quantity of backlinks and citations, as well as the credibility of the referring sources, may become more crucial in determining search rankings in the future. This could have implications for businesses and website owners, as it may become even more important to establish strong partnerships with reputable websites, engage in effective content promotion strategies, and consider collaborating with a PPC agency for enhanced visibility and authority-building efforts.


Improved Understanding of User Intent

With its advanced capabilities, ChatGPT and PPC Beast can support both brands and Google in achieving a deeper understanding of users’ intentions behind their search queries. Doing so can generate search results that are more relevant or cause a boost in search rankings for specific queries. Gavin Duff, the head of digital at digital agency The Friday Agency, argues that Google’s existing search algorithms already employ AI technologies to provide search results that are personalized and more relevant. By integrating ChatGPT, PPC Beast, and additional AI technologies, it’s possible to further improve the search experience by providing more precise and customized results for the user.



Insights Provided by Industry Experts Regarding ChatGPT in Marketing Highlight a Number of Significant Themes

While the complete impact of AI tools such as ChatGPT on marketing is still largely unknown, these insights provide some valuable guidance:

  • Automation is a fundamental and pressing use case for ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT can be employed for various purposes in content creation, but it’s essential to assess and consider the system’s suggestions thoroughly.
  • Google utilizes AI to improve the search experience but may take punitive action against excessive usage of AI-generated content.
  • While ChatGPT can automate parts of the customer experience, it’s crucial to note that it cannot fully substitute for authentic human interaction.



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