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Gain More Customers with Engaging Video Ads

Turn more leads into customers with the help of engaging and informative video advertising. PPC Beast is an established video marketing agency dedicated to your brand’s long-term success.

Amplify Your Digital Marketing Efforts with Video Content

The beauty of digital marketing is the multitude of ways you can generate interest in your brand. However, only a few marketing tactics can hold a candle to the success rates of video marketing.

Hubspot reveals video's increasing influence in digital marketing as 78% of people watch online videos weekly. The pandemic also caused more people to consume video content.

Add video to your overall digital marketing strategy by working with PPC Beast. Our video marketing services are designed to address various parts of the buyer's journey and compel them to take action.

How Videos Affect Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Videos are an effective tool in a digital marketer's arsenal as they are short, easy to digest, and engaging. You can create relevant and entertaining videos that meet customers where they are.

Attract Stage

Attract Stage

Your biggest priority during this stage is creating content that will entice users to click and engage with your campaign. The videos that you'll present at this stage will address any problem points that drove them to search for your video in the first place.

Video content specifically made for this stage aims to convince audiences that your brand is the effective solution to their pain point. Short videos that showcase your company's personality and identity, clips that showcase your authority on the subject matter, and explainer videos that directly address your customer's concerns are the best videos to launch at this stage.

Convert Stage

Convert Stage

Videos produced for this stage encourage the user to become a paying customer. They focus on presenting your company's unique selling propositions.

Some of the videos you can produce during this period include informative webinars, product demos, case studies, and promotional videos on your landing pages. Testimonials and other personalized content can also help engage leads at this point.

Delight Stage

Delight Stage

Once you close the sale, it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your buyers. The type of content that you’ll create during this stage should convince these buyers to become loyal ambassadors that will recommend your company to friends and family.

Consider creating a thank-you video that welcomes them to your community. Onboarding videos and supplementary education and training videos can do a lot towards building brand loyalty.

Put Your Video Marketing In BEAST MODE!

Videos We Can Produce for You

Video content comes in different shapes and forms. They help educate users, make it easy to build customer trust, and drive leads to a purchase decision faster. Our video marketing specialists at PPC Beast can produce a wide range of video content, including:


Animated Videos

If your product or service is too complicated to explain with a simple explainer video, then an animated video might be the best course of action. Through solid visuals and excellent storytelling, this format offers a fantastic opportunity to make a complex topic easier to digest.


Brand Videos

A brand video is created to present your messaging in the best possible way. An effective brand video will relay your brand's mission, vision, offerings, and USPs in a clear yet unforgettable manner.


Social Content Videos

Videos can help drive engagement and conversations in your social media channels. These videos must be properly optimized for the platform they will appear on.



Testimonial videos are essential in the Convert stage as they showcase how your product or service addressed a person's pain points. Every testimonial video we create will be able to showcase your company at its best.



An explainer video is a fantastic way to introduce a product, service, or concept in a distinct yet concise manner. It can be a quick overview of your company or a simple product demo. Explainer videos offer an easy point of entry for people who might be unfamiliar with your brand.

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Why Should You Work With PPC Beast?

Video marketing requires skill, technology, and a multidisciplinary approach. When you hire a professional video marketing production team like PPC Beast, you get access to a team of specialists. We’ll manage every step of video marketing, so you can focus on running your business.

Effective Video Strategy

Effective Video Strategy

One of the more challenging aspects of video production for digital advertising is capturing the attention of your target audience within the first seconds of your video.

Our team combines technique and creativity to create videos that engage ideal prospects and add value to your overall digital marketing approach. From ideation to editing, we've got you covered.

Expect Polished, High-Quality Videos

Expect Polished, High-Quality Videos

Companies that don't have enough time to work on their videos usually have to settle with low-quality content that fails to make an impact. When you choose PPC Beast, you can expect stunning videos that work on all devices. 

Once your brand continuously appears through searches and more people discover and choose your products over competitors, you build and steadily increase brand awareness. As a result of this ecommerce marketing strategy, customers will keep coming back.

Take Advantage of the Right Channels

Take Advantage of the Right Channels

Video marketing involves more than just technical expertise. As your reliable video marketing agency, we know exactly when, where, and how to post your videos for optimal results. 

Our team has in-depth industry knowledge and can identify the right channels for your content depending on where your viewers are in the buyer's journey.

Transform Your Brand with Video Marketing Services

To produce and promote unique and competitive videos, you need a team with the skills and track record. Often, small and mid-sized companies simply don’t have the time, budget, or resources to brainstorm, create, and edit videos on their own.

A video marketing agency can help you create stunning videos that align with your messaging. They can also help implement these videos into your inbound marketing strategy for maximum engagement and revenue.

PPC Beast will help you translate your vision into beautiful videos that convert. You’ll get all the support and assistance you need every step of the way.

Get the best visual content from a trusted video marketing agency. Get in touch with our team now, and let us help your digital marketing campaigns reach new heights.

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